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ricardo jones
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Ricardo Jones is a film director and co-founder partner of Stink São Paulo. His work as a director brought stories to life for brands such as Nike, Leica, Ikea, Apple, and Netflix.

Along years with his former creative partner Tino, Ricardo won the most important awards in the Advertising industry, as one Cannes Lions Grand Prix in Film,  two Yellow Pencils in film crafts, and two golds on Clio Awards, among others.


Ricardo Jones is represented by Stink Films in USA and Brazil and lives in Los Angeles California.

Cannes Lions Festival

  • Grand Prix, Film (Leica"100"), 2015

  • Gold Lion, Direction (Leica"100"), 2015

  • Gold Lion, Film Craft: Cinematography (Leica"100"), 2015

  • Gold Lion, Health & Wellness (Bodyform “Blood”), 2017

  • Gold Lion, Film (Bodyform “Blood”), 2016

  • Silver Lion, Film Craft: Editing (Leica"100"), 2015

  • Silver Lion, Film Craft: Art Direction (Leica"100"), 2015

  • Silver Lion, Film Craft: Original Music (Leica"100"), 2015

  • Silver Lion, Promo and Activation (Pinacoteca "Le Curiosism”), 2012 

  • Bronze Lion, Film Craft Editing (Nike “Addiction”), 2012 

  • Bronze Lion, Film (Nike “Before and After”), 2012 

D&AD Festival:

  • Wood Pencil, Film Advertising (Bodyform “Blood”), 2017

  • Wood Pencil, Film Craft: Editing (Bodyform “Blood”), 2017

  • Wood Pencil, Creativity for Good (Bodyform “Blood”), 2017

  • Graphite Pencil, Cinematography for Film Advertising (Leica “100”), 2015

  • Wood Pencil, Production Design for Film Advertising (Leica “100”), 2015

  • Yellow Pencil, Direction for Film Advertising (Nike “Addiction”), 2012

  • Yellow Pencil, Cinematography for Film Advertising (Nike “Addiction”), 2012

  • Nomination, Graphite Pencil, Film Advertising Crafts (Nike “Addiction”), 2012

  • Nomination, Graphite Pencil, Sound Design for Film Advertising (Nike “Addiction”), 2012

  • Nomination, Graphite Pencil, TV Commercials 41-60 seconds (Nike “Before and After”) 2012

Clio Awards

  • Gold, Integrated Campaign (Bodyform “Blood”), 2017

  • Bronze, Film Craft: Cinematography (Kaiser Permanente “Overcome”), 2017

  • Silver, Film Short Form (Bodyform “Blood”), 2016

  • Gold, Film Short Form (Leica “100”), 2015

  • Gold, Film Craft: Cinematography (Leica “100”), 2015

  • Silver, Film Craft: Direction (Leica “100”), 2015

  • Bronze, Film Craft: Original Music (Leica “100”), 2015

  • Silver, Film Craft Editing (Nike “Play Pinoy”), 2015

  • Bronze, Film Craft Editing (Nike “Addiction”), 2012

  • Silver, Cinematography (Pinacoteca “Le Curiosism”), 2012

  • Bronze, Direction (Pinacoteca “Le Curiosism”), 2012

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