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Porto Alegre

Sudar és la gloria

The Fencer-high-1 (dragged).tiff

Filming in LA you can find a dream team or a nightmare team. Fortunately, this one I was in great company with the crew. First thing is to find the less obvious places - quite hard in a film-oriented city. The night and wet atmosphere helped to extract from the locations good frames.

During a couple of weeks, we scouted from downtown LA to downtown Long Beach - One extra component was the Christmas Lights to avoid.


One good lesson I had during this shooting was a good one on the matter of planning the shooting days. This project was really organized and followed a precise schedule. And because of that, we were able to improvise a couple of shots. I remember this quote saying “you need to get on the set with 80% of the film on your head. The other 20% are the unpredictable things that can make it magic”

The Fencer-high (1)-59 (dragged).tiff

During the second day at the company move from the Fencing location to the tunnel we saw this shadow projected on the wall from one of the crew members. It was an instant inspiration to the shot on the duel. 


Shot in the middle of the winter in the sunny LA.


2 weeks of pre-production

2 shooting days

9 locations

Alexa Mini  LF

Blackwings Tribe7


Shot at the end of autumn in the beautiful, brutal Romania. 

You can call something between peculiar and rude about a place where people can smoke cigarettes inside restaurants and hotels lobby. Where the taxi driver shows you a catalog with prostitution services. But this land is also home of a nobleman who protected his people against the invader ottomans with such bloodthirsty that became a legend.  Also the land of Constantin Brâncuși with his brutalism in stone or Nadia Comaneci reaching the highest score in Olympic games.  This place has a history, ancestral energy. from the brutal nature and the people. This the brutal and beautiful Romania.


2 weeks of pre-production

3 shooting days

9 locations

3 cities

Shot with Alexa XT 

Leica Summilux C

Production Service

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Shot in the middle of the winter in magic Slovenia's capital. 


Ljubljana is a fantastic city, with a lost in time atmosphere. Beyond the dragons, Slovenia's capital has cold air and warm people. There are no skyscrapers or gigantic avenues. No massive amount of people walking on the streets.


The air of the mountains blows the megalopolis syndrome away. Hockey is a national sport for Slovenians. They are born with the blades on their feet. 

Slovenia has a great technical crew, gaffers, grippers, camera operators, art department, and production.

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Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 4.06.33 PM.png

10 days  of pre-production

2 shooting days

1 location

Production Service

by Division Films, Ljubljana

Shot with Alexa Mini and Phantom Flex 4K with  Zeiss Ultra primes.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 9.49.17 AM.png

Summer, 2021 - Shot in  São Paulo, and Curitiba  

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Together with the Youth and Vira Lata we shot this film in 3 days - 2 in Curitiba and surrounding and 1 in São Paulo.

As usual, the weather was a challenge. At the end of summer, rainseason are expected from North to South of Brazil. 

Rain, lightinings, winds,  cold and masks 

The production couldn't be more challenging. But the skies and lights  are beautiful. 

One of the greatest set ups on this film, was the analogic bullet time. Eighteen analogic cameras were placed on sticks to create this stunning in-camera effect. Cheers for the wizards.

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 8.16.41 PM.png

Shot at the

end of summer in the south of Brazil.

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 8.17.26 PM.png

Every production you learn some lessons. During this one, I had great learning about mother nature. Our team faced 2 days of rain, cold, fog, mud, and an old tractor that mess up with everyone's back. 

The first shooting day was in Torres, Rio Grande do Sul State,  and was perfect weather and the flow was smooth like a baby's dream. Then we moved up the hills, and headed to Serra do Rio do Rastro. A place in the haven, literally. The weather changes in the blink of an eye. The first day started with rain and fog, we couldn't see 3 feet away. We did two shots and wrap. The day was lost. 


Usual stress. More than 100 people waiting. Change plans, wet feet. The art department had to change the location because of the strong wind. At night in the room, after meetings, I look at the window and there's no clouds in the sky, just stars. I ran to call the others, excited, and filled with hope. As the other approaches the window and look at the sky, there are no stars. The sky is covered by clouds again. The crew was sure that they had lost the director for the weather day fever.


The weather up the hills has its own rules. The next day starts and during the next hours, rain, cold, fog, sun, heat, wind, clouds, and the blue sky played with our little hearts. Some magic moments happened for our own sake. the sun, the fog, and the rain combination created a unique atmosphere, We returned back home exhausted, in silence, with bruises and scratches. But with a good sensation in the air.

Thanks, mother nature.


Shot at the end of August  in the charming, and film friendly Uruguay.

2014-08-30 15.55.39.jpg

Big trouble in front of the director.

Imagine that you love photography and some other friends that love photography too, bring you an idea to celebrate the 100 years of Leica recreating the most remarkable photos of history. Sounds exciting in the first two hours, but after you feel a deep, fat fear to fail with these great photographers. I guess the most iimportant learning I've got here:

Fear is fuel.


Before the Mini, there was the M.

I remember when I heard for the first time about the Alexa M. A revolutionary system thanks to the last word in technology: cables.

Alexa M was the only gear able to fit on a MOV rig. The set up is this beautiful cube with lenses attached to a 50 feet long cable and someone carrying the rest of the camera.

2014-08-31 09.04.42.jpg
2014-08-31 09.04.42.jpg
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